Sunday, August 29, 2010


So I've always been a gamer at heart. I got into the scene right around the launch of the Super Nintendo, and pretty much got hooked since then. I grew up playing Super Smash Bros. on my best friend's 64. I had 2 Gameboys, and a copy of Pokemon in every flavor, red, blue, and yellow. Hey, I couldn't count on my friends to be as good at catching Pokemon as I was! Nowadays its all about who has better graphics or the most content. Whatever happened to just generally fun games? Games that you could sit down and play for hours. Those were my kind of game. Who cares if I can see the freaking cells that make up the character I'm playing? Just give me fun, I'll be a return customer. One day I hope that game designers will worry more about the content they release than the amount they release. One day..... Well, I gotta get off here. The woman is wanting to go grab breakfast. The performance was pretty great, not gonna lie. I'm so proud of her. Well, I love you; though I may never get to see your face, hold your hand, kiss your cheek, or even say hello, I love you.

~The Naughty Moose


  1. nice blog

  2. Nice! I also grew up on all the pokemon games =)