Monday, August 30, 2010

So About The Naughty...

I am not really a naughty person, or at least not one to share it on the internet, haha. Sorry to everyone that thought that this blog may contain some sexual posts. Yes, some may down the road, but only if that is what comes to mind. For this, this is my blog, my space, my ranting, my raving, my mind. If you enjoy it, thank you. If not?? Well no one is forcing you to continue reading. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Stayed a few days with the girlie, really earned my name then,  and just now getting back to my own computer. Classes have started so things may get more educational, or maybe more random. Just know, there will be plenty of updates. For now? Ice cream. I may return with a sugar-induced post. Till then. I love you.

~The Naughty Moose

Sunday, August 29, 2010


So I've always been a gamer at heart. I got into the scene right around the launch of the Super Nintendo, and pretty much got hooked since then. I grew up playing Super Smash Bros. on my best friend's 64. I had 2 Gameboys, and a copy of Pokemon in every flavor, red, blue, and yellow. Hey, I couldn't count on my friends to be as good at catching Pokemon as I was! Nowadays its all about who has better graphics or the most content. Whatever happened to just generally fun games? Games that you could sit down and play for hours. Those were my kind of game. Who cares if I can see the freaking cells that make up the character I'm playing? Just give me fun, I'll be a return customer. One day I hope that game designers will worry more about the content they release than the amount they release. One day..... Well, I gotta get off here. The woman is wanting to go grab breakfast. The performance was pretty great, not gonna lie. I'm so proud of her. Well, I love you; though I may never get to see your face, hold your hand, kiss your cheek, or even say hello, I love you.

~The Naughty Moose

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Lied

I'm sorry, but this is actually kind of fun. I think I may start uploading pictures or something soon. So new to this blogging thing. I kinda see everyone has a theme or something. Well, I kinda don't have one, or call it a "slice of life" kinda deal. You'll get my thoughts, my loves, my hates. Its whatever. Thank you for reading. Or not. Ahhh the joy of free will. Well, I really must go now. I love you, whoever you may be.

~The Naughty Moose

Not Nostalgia

I kinda sounded like a bit of a nostalgic wiener  in my last post, WHICH IS VERY NOT TRUE. I am just completely amazed by the way technology has evolved in the last few years. Things today were seen as impossibilities not too long ago. Personally, I see no limit to what we could do, so long as there are always those willing to push the limits. I don't know if anyone actually reads this, but if you are reading, never give up. When someone tells you you can't accomplish something, it'll be that much sweeter to rub in their face. There is seriously nothing that can't be achieved through hard work. Well, I know this is a short post, but I am off to see my lady go play her first  performance. Here's hoping you have a great day.

~The Naughty Moose

Friday, August 27, 2010


This is a new thing for me, I've never been one to fall to the blogging scene, but then it hit me. WHY NOT?? These days when everyone has an iPod or a droid or some other handheld that grants internet from anywhere. Technology is really so surprising. Now I'm still new to the grand earth, but still i remember when dial-up was the shit. So what if you had enough time to put together a 1000 piece puzzle before you could even load up Google. YOU HAD THE FREAKING INTERNET IN YOUR OWN HOME!! Blows my mind, yo. Well, I'm off, but expect more.

~The Moose of Naughty-ness