Monday, September 6, 2010

Crazy Kids

"Are we engaged?" She asks. Haha. We haven't been together long, but right now, I'm so sure she's the one I want to spend forever with. No one brings me happiness like she can.No one simply lights up my world like her. I've been in puppy love before. But this is not it. This is something so much more. I've never been the one to settle down. Never given thought to marriage. Never even considered having kids. But with her,  I want it all. I want us to be that old couple you see driving down the road, hand in hand, with smiles on our faces. I swear. She's the one for me. Things started out so insignificant. Actually, it all started with a drunken party. She was the girl that we all try to avoid, the one that needs help walking. I was finally getting tipsy. We had just started a game of Apples to Apples and made it into a drinking game, great fun by the way. She sat next to me, gave up a few hands in. Before I know it, I have my arm around her, pulling her in  close. Skip forward. Outside on the patio, sipping on PBR, she's on my lap. My buddy that brought me was texting me, telling me not to try anything just cause she was drunk. That's never been my style, so of course i reassure him. Some time passes, she becomes a bit sober. We start getting intimate, but our lips never met. Mainly because one of the party goers was with us, hanging out on the patio. He plays a song from The Last Mohichians, and says he's going to give us five mins alone. I kiss her forehead. We laugh. Our lips finally meet. I swear it's like fireworks. The pure passion that comes from her lips to mine is almost overwhelming, What feels like forever passes. It was glorious. We hung out later that week. I ask her to be mine as we lay in each others' embrace. She kisses me passionately and softly, saying yes. It feels like its been forever since then, but at the same time feels like yesterday. We had a serious talk today. I leave for the Navy in April. I will end up stationed in Charleston, SC. She loves Charleston. We talk about getting an apartment together, her finishing her schooling there. Tears come to her eyes. I swear, it took all I had not to tear up as well. We talk about buying a house with my bonus. That's what did it. The actualization that we could live together. She's wiping her eyes with a tissue, and I quickly get rid of a lone tear on my cheek. This girl means the world to me. I love her so. I really and truly hope that everyone can find a love like the one we share. In a world filled with divorce and unhappiness, it's so beautiful to see that one flower of love bloom. I'm gonna marry this girl. Well I'd love to keep writing, but the bed is calling my name. A word of advise, don't look for love. Allow it to look for you. Goodnight. I love you. Whoever you are.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So I finish class for the day (3 whole classes, so tough haha) and the first thought I have? My philosophy teacher is definitely crazy. My second thought? I could really go for some hookah right now. So what do I do? I head on down to a local coffee shop and order a vanilla caramel iced coffee, no cream or sugar, and a hookah with Mobster shisha. Not gonna lie, it's pretty delicious. It tastes much like Monster energy drink and hits nice and smooth. So from there, I was inspired to write a review about a website. If any of you are into smoking hookah, I highly suggest this place. The selections are pretty great. The prices aren't too shabby either. They offer most of the top-brand shishas and there is always a deal to be had. The company itself is kinda small, but they are extremely nice. I once put the wrong shipping information and called. Rectified it immediately. I love this place. Definitely one of the best, by far. Hope you check them out and happy smoking. I love you.
~The Moose