Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So I finish class for the day (3 whole classes, so tough haha) and the first thought I have? My philosophy teacher is definitely crazy. My second thought? I could really go for some hookah right now. So what do I do? I head on down to a local coffee shop and order a vanilla caramel iced coffee, no cream or sugar, and a hookah with Mobster shisha. Not gonna lie, it's pretty delicious. It tastes much like Monster energy drink and hits nice and smooth. So from there, I was inspired to write a review about a website. If any of you are into smoking hookah, I highly suggest this place. The selections are pretty great. The prices aren't too shabby either. They offer most of the top-brand shishas and there is always a deal to be had. The company itself is kinda small, but they are extremely nice. I once put the wrong shipping information and called. Rectified it immediately. I love this place. Definitely one of the best, by far. Hope you check them out and happy smoking. I love you.
~The Moose